What is Computer System

What is Computer System.

What is Computer System: In the present scenario we cannot disbelieve in computer and its positive impact on our lives. The advent of Computers has changed the way people work. They are being used to handle may tasks in business, education, hospitals, manufacturing, transportation and other fields. Computers are present everywhere you look, and even in places you can't see. Computer Systems have become have become a popular device in our life. Computers help in reserving trains and airlines tickets, check examination copies and prepare result sheets,dispense money at the ATM, check out groceries, pump gas, turn the heat on and off, and control the way the car runs. They are used to write letters and bridges ,design the engine of automobiles, monitor the conditions of patients in hospitals,control the traffic and many more.They are also used for weather forecasting the involves complex calculations.

What is an embedded computer system: 
Computers are also used in embedded from his calculators, televisions, robots modern toys and machines that are used for industry automation. Very large and powerful computers knowns as Supercomputers in combination with satellite are used for remote sensing to locate crude oil and other natural resources inside rocks,seas and deserts. Today, no field is left untouched from the golden touch of computers-they are everywhere!
There are hardly any human activity which is not affected by the computer in some way or the other, be it industrial management and production, health, education, agriculture, defense, crime detection, communication or travel. 

What is Computer System Parts:

Four main parts of Computer System:

1. Central Processing Unit (CPU) :-The CPU is an electronic chip that determines the processing power of the computer.It is a brain of computer.
What is Computer System

2. Monitor :- A monitor resembles a TV screen that displays information is called the monitor that displays the information is called Screen. 
What is Computer System

3. Keyboard :- A keyboard is typically is mainly for typing data, instructions/commands into your computer. A keyboard resembles the keyboard of a typewriter. It has keys for letters and numbers and additionally, it also has some special keys: 
  1. The Functions Keys (F1 to F12)
  2. The numeric keypad (0 to 9)
  3. the navigation key ( ARROW key)
  4.  Alphabetic key (A to Z)

What is Computer System

4. Mouse :- A mouse is small device used to point out and selct item on your computer system.They are Three button :
  1. Left Button
  2. Scroll Button
  3. Right Button
    What is Computer System


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If you have any doubts. Please clear it.

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